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“The quality of the work and customer service I received from Squished Biscuit on my product photos and social media services went above and beyond what I ever expected.”

Marlowe Hill

BlackRabbet Framing Studio


A Little of Everything


From gallery items and portraits to event shoots and wildlife, Squished Biscuit can handle just about anything in front of a lens.


With hundreds of completed videos for clients like Mercedes Benz, American Cancer Society, Big Cat Rescue and World Start Hip Hop, we have the skills and strategy to get your video off the ground.


From voice work to mastering, we have your audio covered.

Social Media

By providing your brand with the ways and means to understand your platform as a customer in and of itself, we can exposed you to a larger, better activated audience.



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John Doe

Valued Customer

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Additional options available. Contact tolawr@gmail.com for consultation.




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